With the Spirited Assistance of Edward S. Arkow
An Intriguing New Memoir with a Supernatural Twist

Eddie Arkow got into computers twenty years after his death. In Ghost Daddy, author Esta Cassway has penned a moving and often hilarious portrait of her colorful father whose restless spirit is apparently relishing a spirited afterlife. Written with dual and occasionally dueling voices, Ghost Daddy captures a world gone by and, if one can suspend belief, a world as yet unknown. A riveting story that stretches the imagination, Ghost Daddy relates “occurrences” with the author’s deceased father—unexplained events that seem to point to a continuing connection with this fascinating, complex man who makes his presence known in very theatrical ways. Cassway is assisted by comments, wisecracks and eloquent testimonies from the immortal Eddie Arkow, the ever optimistic, genial Ghost Daddy, who offers a fresh perspective on their shared past, loves and losses, flairs and flaws, and who insists on a byline. This is a unique memoir,charming and touching, with a supernatural twist.

About the Author
Esta Cassway is a writer, lyricist, painter and printmaker. She is the author of The Five Books of Moses for Young People, The Prophets for Young People, and Terning Point Cottage, as well as magazine articles, stories and poetry. Her musical works include the CD and songbook, Celebrate Life: Psalms From the Heart; book and lyrics for the musical “Kings,” lyrics for “I Love You, Goodbye,” a memorial to 9/11, “The Long Journey,” a tribute to mothers and children of the Holocaust, and the oratorio “Hear O Heavens: The Visions of Isaiah.” Her artwork may be found in collections here and abroad. Cassway divides her time between Wyncote PA, Cape May Point NJ and Sarasota FL.

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15 responses to “GHOST DADDY

  1. Cookie,
    Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful vision. You write so eloquently. I look forward to reading about someone that I only heard great things about. My mom loved him dearly and still to this day when his name is mentioned, she has a smile. Please stay in touch through FB. One day you should document your drawings and paintings in a book. I would love to see all that you have to date.
    Love, Robin

  2. Dear Cookie,
    You continue to amaze me with your supreme wit and spirituality. I can’t wait to see your finished book in its glorious form.
    Best of luck and love always!
    Leslie (One of your oldest friends and admirers)

  3. Wonderful website! I didn’t have time to read everything (I’ve heard a lot of the stories already!) but I will soon. I was really intrigued by your father’s voice – it sounds so familiar! I remember hearing a book on tape of someone reading the short stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald, and your father sounds just like him! It really evokes a different time and place! Really looking forward to reading your book when it comes out!

  4. Jane Biberman

    Esta: You are an original, just as your dad was. I love the way you chose to honor his memory. He lives on!

  5. Thanks for sharing this, quite an original presentation.
    What a dashing Dad! Love your drawings.
    Hope to reconnect with you and Bob this winter, if not before.
    Affectionately, Rut

  6. Wow Cookie! This is an amazing story. I truly enjoyed it, I was late for dinner trying to see all of the paintings and read the entire story. Thanks a mill for sharing your story with me. What a story!
    Your Friend,
    Dave Cannon

  7. What an unusual book about a very special father and his equally special daughter. There is no ghost here. We can really see and hear him. This is a must read for anyone trying to recapture parental memories. A natural for book clubs.

  8. Ghost Daddy tells a riveting story that stretches the imagination of the reader as the author relates “occurrences” with her deceased father–unexplained events after his death that seem to point to a continuing connection with this fascinating and complex father who makes his presence known in very theatrical ways. These coincidences weave an intriguing story of relationship, with a supernatural twist, and present thought-provoking questions about the reality of the next world. From these otherworldly encounters, it is obvious that we do not lose our personalities when we go to the other side! An entertaining and provocative story–a must read!

  9. Ghost Daddy’s uniqueness lies in the format in which it is written. The author offers us a dialogue with her father, sometimes funny, sometimes sad, always drawing the reader into the various family characters’ lives. I found this a real page-turner; wanting to know what was waiting “around the corner”. The poetry and photographs add an extra dimension to this memoir. Also, we are shown how a little girl can survive/thrive by being resilient, self-reliant, creative, resourceful, and, a bit of a “dare-devil”.
    Judy Schneider

  10. Based on a box of old family pictures and an irrepressible ghost, Esta Cassway has written an enchanting memoir of her father.
    The writing is crisp and entertaining, the story is threaded with commentary and one liners which flow seamlessly between Esta and her ever-charming father. She weaves the story of her parents’ lives and the tension between magical thinking that both parents had and their reality with great dexterity. As Esta attempts to find what is established history and what is spin, she is able to realign her relationships with both deceased parents.

    Entertaining as well as thought provoking, this e book is one that could be read several times and will be enjoyed by a variety of readers interested in family, genealogy, relationships, extra sensory perceptions and creativity.

  11. Ghost Daddy is such a wonderful and poignant book.It was so much fun to meet Eddie. Truly a wonderful story. Wish he’s come and visit me!

  12. Dear Cookie–What great fortune to embrace you as my “chosen” sister and to be enveloped in your creative spirit these many years. Having been party to a few of “Ghost Daddy”s” hijinks, it was great fun to hear his voice and tinkling of the ivories. It brought a smile to my lips and anticipation for the next unexpected visit. Much love, Melody

  13. How way cool is this?!?!?!?! So 1930s in history, so 21st Century in presentation. High touch meets high touch. But the technology aside, Wow, you have truly outdone yourself. Having likewise been touched by both the real and spiritual presence of Daddy and Ghost Daddy, I can say you’ve captured it all – as if anyone other than Rebecca could have captured his elusive wanderlust. He’s still playing games, making lists, telling jokes, traveling the road – and undoubtedly beaming with pride. Thank you for reviving these memories.

  14. Dear Cookie
    Love the Jazz sound. You were so smart to save these memories, voices and music from your Dad. I loved the old photos and can’t wait to read the book.

  15. Congratulations, Mazel Tov, Esta! Can’t wait to read your book.
    Can you believe how long it’s been since
    we worked together on Celebrate Life? Life goes on…
    Best wishes and much love,
    Phyllis Chapell

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