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Written by Esta Cassway

ISBN-10: 1477135766
ISBN-13: 978-1477135761

Written and illustrated by
Esta Cassway

“At last somebody has written an entertaining, literate, and deeply affectionate version if the stories of the Torah for children. Unlike most retellings of Bible stories, this is not marred by a sugary-pious, over reverent approach. The 47 stories are recounted with a gusto and wealth of detail that will enchant readers or listeners of all ages.”
The Jerusalem Post

“…For families to read together. Esta Cassway’s retellings of biblical stories are at once simple and profound. While she is faithful to the text, she invokes a contemporary voice, and her line drawings highlight the visual imagery of the stories.”

“A wonderful collection that every family will want to add to their personal bookshelf.”
AJL Newsletter

“This book is an invaluable contribution to Torah literature for young people and would be a precious addition to synagogue libraries as well as to family libraries.”
Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association Newsletter

“If we all spend time reading and discussing books such as The Five Books of Moses for Young People with our children, we can surely anticipate a strong literate and identified people.”
Kansas City Jewish Chronicle

Aronson Publishers
ISBN 0-87668-451-7 (hardcover)
ISBN 1-56821-518-5 (softcover)

Written and illustrated by
Esta Cassway

Jewish artist and storyteller Esta Cassway has captured the spirit of the prophets and brought them to life in this inspiring, beautifully illustrated volume for children of all ages.
In her first book, The Five Books of Moses for Young People, Cassway retold the stories found in the Bible. In the same unique and captivating style, she introduces children to personalities such as King Solomon, Elijah the Prophet, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezikiel, and Jonah, re-creating the past in order to imbue the modern reader with the timeless teachings of the prophets.
Cassway’s language, as visual as her illustrations, is warm and colorful, poetic and inviting. The exuberance of her words leaps off the page and dances around a rich potpourri of drawings that stimulate the child’s imagination and encourage him or her to ask questions found in the Bible. Adults, too, will be impressed by Cassway’s gift for translating biblical law and divine teaching into lessons that young people will want to learn, follow and share with their peers.
The Prophets for Young People
is a timeless treasure for families, schools, libraries, and educators of all religious denominations.

Aronson Publishers
ISBN1-56821-148-1 (hardcover)

By Esta Cassway   ©2010
ISBN  978-0-692-00995-6

“Terming Point Cottageis a charming history of a tiny cottage, a cherished, exuberant award winning garden, and those who brought it back to life. Filled with gorgeous photos by Robert Cassway and others, designed by Nick Cassway, this little keepsake will help keep summer’s warmth  alive throughout the year.
When the mice take off and the birds reappear, writer, painter, and lyricist Esta Cassway and her husband Robert, an architect and photographer, keep this happy little cottage company.

Available at


……I found my home at the five and dime. I wasn’t looking for a second home, and my reaction to this photo of a decrepit shack for sale was a surprise. “That’s my house,” I declared, all nineteen seventies and newly assertive. Thus began the turning point of my life.

………….When we first bought the cottage, I knew nothing at all about gardening. These were the days when hanging spider plants and ferns were the green ideals; who knew from digging dirt? My new front yard featured a three foot pine tree and nothing else. Being a professional painter, I decided to be innovative and plant a garden with whatever I could find that caught my artistic fancy.  The neighboring dirt roads and tangled brush held treasures for the digging. I came back with yellow-flowering cactus. I planted this exotic find to my endless torture. Needles will attack your body from a foot away. After someone cut the top off the pine tree to use for Christmas, we moved it to the back of the property where it lives on, two stories high. So there I was with a  cactus filled front yard, a long sandy side yard and an empty, shadier back. More outside space than inside, for sure. I found an ad for top soil from a farmer willing to deliver and dump it. My boys were pressed into cactus removal and shoveling dirt for the planting part. All I needed was to create my garden and reap the joys. Except that as soon as it rained, this soil sprouted cornstalks and the deepest, toughest weeds imaginable…….

..……At sunset, the booming voice of Kate Smith singing “God Bless America” floats over the ocean, harmonizing with seagulls and foghorns. This is perhaps the most beloved everyday experience available in Cape May Point. A flag lowering ceremony is held nearby, at Sunset Beach, and it comes complete with patriotic homilies and Kate. When the wind is right, the music reaches bedrooms and decks, and we feel a certain pride and a sense of security. This is the essence of small-town America. “Another ho hum day in paradise,” says my bumper sticker.

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